Launch your own bitcoin store, for free in an hour, no technical skills needed
OpenBitcoinStore is a really exciting non-profit community project, which is making it easy for non-technical people to launch a complete bitcoin store, very quickly.
OpenBitcoinStore is based on WordPress, Woo Commerce, and Bitpay to offer a fully functional e-commerce store, with the following features:
  • Easily define products and price them in any currency, including bitcoin
  • Accept payments in bitcoin, via a Bitpay merchant account
  • Host online, for free, on a number of hosting sites (Heroku, AWS etc)
  • Also accept credit cards or Paypal, or Google Wallet, or many other payment types
  • Handle complex shipping, by weight, or fixed, with multiple carriers worldwide
  • Handles sales tax, both origin and destination
  • Uses any existing Woo or WP template, many beautiful themes available for free
  • Can also sell intangible products, services or downloadable media, content or software
  • All the code is open source
  • Completely free
The project already has several beta testers, volunteers and we’re looking for more.
Join us if:
  • You want to run a store and make bitcoin, for free.
  • You want to help bitcoin spread and have skills as a WordPress user, sysadmin, programmer, designer, PR, open source.
  • You believe that there’s much much more to bitcoin than illicit goods and want to help others make that come true.
Let a thousand bitcoin stores bloom.
Who’s with me?


Q: Is Open Buying Bitcoin Store like eBay? Like Shopify?
A: No, you OWN the store and all the data. It sits on a hosted service that you sign up for personally. This is not a mall. It offers a completely independent store, own domain, own data, own code.
Q: Can I customize OpenBitcoinStore?
A: Yes. Yes, completely, it is WordPress and owned and controlled by you. There are thousands of plugins and themes and if you like and have the skills, you can change the code too.
Q: Can I host this on another service, another hosting site, another cloud?
A: Yes, pretty much any service that supports WordPress hosting will support OpenBitcoinStore hosting (same thing). That’s almost every hosting service in the world: VPS services, Amazon cloud, heroku
Q: Can I put this on my own server?
A: Yes, you can host on any most any WordPress compatible server (LAMP or similar application stack)
Q: Can I use my own domain?
A: Yes, of course. You own the server, and can point whatever domain you want. We can help.
Q: Does OpenBitcoinStore support PayPal
A: Yes
Q: Does OpenBitcoinStore support credit cards through a merchant account
A: Yes
Q: Does OpenBitcoinStore support multiple currencies
A: Yes, hundreds
Q: Does it handle intangible products
A: Yes, both downloadable and intangible
Q: Does OpenBitcoinStore support shipping charges
A: Yes, the stores have shipping modules, up to complex multi-shipper, global shipping with weight and fixed rates
Q: Does OpenBitcoinStore support sales tax
A: Yes, origin, destination or both.
Q: How is OpenBitcoinStore free?
A: The code is open source, the hosting can be free for small sites via Heroku or AWS t1.micro. We support the human effort through donations, so please Donate
Q: Is there a transaction fee?
A: No, you run and manage the store. If Bitpay charges you a fee, that’s between you and them. If you host it somewhere you have to pay, that’s you. But OpenBitcoinStore is just code, no hosting, no fees. It really is free
Q: Can I use OpenBitcoinStore without BitPay.
A: Yes, but it requires a bit more customization. Since BitPay charges 1% only if you sell something, most of our store owners find it easier to use BitPay (they offer additional merchant services too)
Q: How much will it cost to try out and find out if anyone is interested in buying my products
A: That’s the point: NOTHING. Try it for no risk or cost.
Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Because I want to see bitcoin succeed for general commerce, not just drugs and illicit products
Q: What is the licensing behind OpenBitcoinStore?
A: The underlying software is open source with a variety of open licenses. Any contributions from OpenBitcoinStore developers are MIT licensed. All content is CC-BY-SA. This is an open source project, with fully OSI compatible open licenses.